September 18th, 2002


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It won't be a popular statement, but Blue Crush wasn't an awful movie. It's a pretty generic sports flick; if you've seen the trailer, you know the plot. There's some amusing parts (Leslie!) I was wholly creeped out that the little sister character in the movie was played by an actress who looked too much like my little sister. Also, the romantic lead "Matt," played by an actor named Matt, looks like one of my friends, also named Matt. Scary! But anyways, I am rambling.

Getting home last night, I watched the end of the season-ender of Smallville, and forgot how great an ending it was. And I saw the Blind Date with the scorpion! After that, I couldn't get to sleep, so I stayed up to read JLA: World War III. Which I, uh, ended up reading through to the end. Heh.

Tonight, Sailor Tork and I drop the karaoke bomb on Laurel, yo.

* Burundi is murdering its citizens by the hundreds of thousands, but it's OK, because they don't have oil, and we're not interested in nation building.
* The majority of Bush's cabinet are millionaires. One third of the cabinet are in the $10 million plus range.
* An update on what the robot found in the Great Pyramid.
* Smartest city in the country: Bethesda! Hey, i watch movies there!
* A missing astronomical link: medium black holes
* And hey, 34 new shows.