September 10th, 2002


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Operative X and I uncovered the best website last Saturday. Go here and just roam around looking at the pictures. It's AMAZING.

Things for you to attend:
Renfest - Sun., Sept. 15th.
Karaoke - Wed., Sept. 18th
Mail me for details, if you are interested.

More movies with Red Queen: the Muppets from Space DVD commentary track, with Gonzo and Rizzo, is fun. The Stand is much as I remembered it, bad special effects, huge cast with lots going on. Was almost as much fun imdB-ing it after watching it.

Washington Post article on chickenhawks in the current administration. Also, they had a story on manga if you are into that sort of thing.

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The FAQ Question of the Day

Is the Malice who worked with the Marauders the same one that appears in the Fantastic Four now and then?

No. The Malice who worked in the Marauders was some sort of pure psionic entity who could possess people and make them into "dark versions" of themselves. She eventually got stuck in the body of Lorna Dane by the machinations of Mr. Sinister (UXM #239), which led to the Malice persona eventually being zapped out of Lorna by Zaladane, the purported Queen of the Savage Land (in UXM #250). Mr. Sinister finally destroyed this Malice in X-Factor #105 because she had outlived her usefulness.

The Fantastic Four's Malice, who occasionally possesses Susan Richards (the Invisible Woman), has nothing to do with Sinister's Malice. This Malice was a mental creation by the fourth Hate-Monger and the Psycho- Man, and it is merely the alternate personality of Sue Richards as an "evil" person. Same idea, different approach.

However, the Vertigo that worked with the Marauders is the same Vertigo that started out with the Savage Land Mutates. Just while we're on the subject of Savage Land and Marauders.

-from rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks