September 5th, 2002


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The Time Machine - Orlando Jones as a librarian, and the fuckin' Moon breaking apart. How can they screw it up! Well, they did. Guy Pearce managed to remove all charisma and caring from this, and he sure wasn't helped by bad plot and dialogue. Red Queen summed it up best with: "well, it was almost as good as Planet of the Apes." And hey, it helped Richard Cetrone pay the rent for another month

The Cat's Meow - My favorite Edward Herrman leads a great cast in this little movie that's both funky and fresh. Relatively historically accurate, good character interaction, this is a nice tight show. Were it a bit more, uh, complex, in script or plot, I would be looking for awards to give it.

Quills - A classic example of how great actors (Geoffrey Rush and Joaquin Phoenix) can save an otherwise lackluster movie. It looks pretty enough, and is surprisingly amusing in parts. but without those two in it, it would fall apart under its own weight.

Demolition Man - Yeah, I missed the beginning, but I've seen it plenty of times. Man, I love this movie. It's a completely illogical science fiction future, the plot is threadbare thin. But everyone in the cast loved making this movie, it just shines right through. Wesley Snipes is a *treat* to watch, and hey, Denis Leary starring as Denis Leary in the future.

Make sure to check out, from the Onion AV Club: Commentary Tracks of the Damned. Man, this is just like a shopping list for me.