August 16th, 2002


news, news

"In recent weeks, Israel has begun demolishing the homes of attackers to dissuade others from becoming suicide bombers." (Yeah, destroying their homes will really convince them Israel isn't a threat. Good job, guys.) ... "Israel was absorbing harsh criticism after soldiers forced a Palestinian teenager to approach the house of a Palestinian militant to tell him to surrender. The youth, Nidal Daraghmeh, 19, was shot and killed, though it was unclear who opened fire." ... "The Israeli human rights group B'Tselem charged the military's use on Wednesday of Daraghmeh as a "human shield" was illegal. 'It is not the duty of the Palestinian population to protect (Israeli) soldiers, but the military's,' the group said in a statement." (This has happened before in the conflict too, and is one of the reasons I am really mad at Israel.)

"The poll, which surveyed 590 adult Israelis and quoted a 4 percent margin of error, found 23 percent were in favor of using nuclear weapons against Iraq to retaliate for such an attack."

"In effect, the Bush administration insists, any American can be jailed without charge, without bail, without a hearing and without a lawyer, forever, if necessary, on the say-so of a mid-level Pentagon official
named Michael H. Mobbs."

"After losing money for two years, the Nasdaq Stock Market said Friday it was pulling out of Japan and will instead concentrate on strengthening its presence in Europe."

E-mail and evidence: "The best way to get rid of computer data is to take the hard drive and pound it with a hammer and throw it in a furnace."

The new pollster: It turns out the "P" in P. Diddy stands for "public opinion."

Fighting back against FBI's media smear campaigns.