August 12th, 2002


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hi! my name is jamie i live in winnepeg and i go to this roller rink called wheelies. theres a dance floor there and theres these two girls that always go there and dance they dont even skate. but they rave dance and it looks cool so i tried it and i looked so stupit because i wasnt doing it right so looked at all these web sites but it didnt shwo so i tried this i hope it works!well if u have any answers my e-mail is

-- 169 (, February 04, 2001

Hey now, don't get discouraged. It takes practice, Its not about other people watching you. Rave dancing is the interpretation of how the music feel to you. thats why everyone dances different. So keep the peace, love and rave on. You might wanna get some glowsticks and some ecstacy, It helps...... Keep it live Soulslinga

-- Soulslinga (, February 14, 2001.

-from this rave message board