August 1st, 2002


extraeneous capitalization


Dinner with parents tonight. Partay tomorrow. House guest arrives Saturday, staying for a week. Two overnights next week. Yeah, I love having my life planned out ahead of time. LOVE.

YOU LOVE NEWS: Today's followup, UN inspectors found no evidence of the reported Jenin massacres, but says both sides violated international law. A judge ruled that our prisoners in Cuba don't get basic human rights. Bush adviser says, hack away. Opinion articles today on ethical questions on cloning and it turns out DC is suck hot in summer.

URL: Grumbling about pregnancy [Thanks JubJub.]
MP3: David Allan Coe "You Never Call Me By My Name" [Thanks Operative X.]
Quote: "Only the man who finds everything wrong and expects it to get worse is thought to have a clear brain." -economist John Kenneth Galbraith