January 21st, 2002


Comcast = lame

Exciting weekend of helping Miss Scarlett move. She is situated in the new house, and all, but I will let her explain that to you on her own dime. Suffice it to say, my faith in hiring movers is completely, completely renewed. The new place is awesome; this is helped by the fact her three new roommates are three close friends of mine. But I'm happy to be spending more time there, as long as they're happy to have me.

The downturn to the weekend came Sunday night, when I was having people over for the Royal Rumble last night (a wrestling pay-per-view, for the uninitiated.) I spent a good fifteen minutes on the phone with Comcast ordering the thing, because they apparently have the slowest billing people ever on shift.

So everything is squared away and ordered, and friends are arriving. And the show doesn't start. I give Comcast a call, and they say they're having problems transmitting [which I had realized by this point] and they would be fixing it shortly. Fine, fine, we had twenty minutes until the show began.

You see where this is going.

So five minutes before the start, I'm calling Comcast, and sitting on hold. My five guests are taking it in stride (mind you, none of them are huge wrestling fans, so I am suffering the most distress from the shortage.) We sit, and talk. I remain on hold. We sit and play D&D Clue [which rules] while I remain on hold. I switch phones because the one cordless ran out of batteries. We watch The Chamber, which is my new favorite game show. I will probably gush more about it later.

And finally, after two hours on the phone, sitting on hold with Comcast "Customer Service," I give up.

I intended to write something more substantial today, like about the new writing 'job' I have received, or my tendency to 'airquote' or (use parentheses) but those will have to wait for another day.