January 16th, 2002


five easy pieces

I caught A Beautiful Mind last Saturday. Decent, but not great. Video rental. and I am catching Amelie tonight at one of my favorite local theaters. Will let y'all know how it is. Next up: Blackhawk Down or Brotherhood of the Wolf. Hopefully the latter.

I think I'm getting over the flu, which is interesting, since I don't remember having the flu. But it sure feels like I am getting over it. Maybe it's psychosomatic.

Monday was what I believe to be a highly successful book club, despite just under half the people (including myself) not having finished the book. Next month: The Professor and the Madman, by Simon Winchester. Which snuck in despite the pseudo-ban on more books about crazy British people. It allso narrowly defeated House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski in a Florida-style recount.

With the pseudo-pressure of impending Book Club having been lifted, I have theoretically more free time to get back to writing the RPG background (for Aberrant) I have been working for a while now. Luckily I assigned the Fish to bug me about the game every couple days at work. Mainly because he's really interested in playing, but it keeps it fresh in my mind, so I don't slack more.

And the ST of the Sabbat larp I was playing in announced yesterday that the next game was cancelled, and probably the rest of the campaign with it. Well, fooey. I really enjoyed the game, despite its faults. And, this leaves the only-occasionally-monthly Mage game I went to once as my only current larp... which leads me to look back at OWbN. Do I really want to get back into that? This requires meditation.

Just got back...

And tragically, Amelie has made me revise my top eleven+ movies of last year, to make it a top twelve+ movies list from last year. Seriously, quite hexcellent, and something everyone should go see if they get the chance...