December 18th, 2001



Went to a wine-tasting party last Friday night (from my Weekend of Much Booze.) it was the first time my friend, let's call her Uzbekistan, hosted one of these. And people enjoyed themselves, I believe. I sure did. The theme of the night was "Chardonnay under $20, and I am pleased to say one of mine won.

LESSON LEARNED: eleven is a bit too many bottles. :}
QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: "Who's climbing on Hemingway?" -Operative X

I found my notes from the party, and will post them below for your perusal. Comments in brackets.

--- start text ---

1.) white-ish, not much aftertaste, smooth. 5
2.) more of a bite, sweet, good aftertaste. 4
3.) not as smooth, Nipsy Russel. 4.5
[Don't ask why Nipsy Russel was written there. It didn't make sense at the time either.]
4.) Less of a bite. The clock is ticking! 4
5.) fr00tylicious, not a bad aftertaste. 4.4
[Two umlauts were added in over the zeroes in fr00tylicious, after prompting.]
6.) Yellow, but not mellow. Apple juice. Like a harpy that claws my eyes. 3
7.) "This wine needs a retainer." -Operative X. Conversations gets loud. 4.4
8.) more bite, unpleasant aftertaste. 4.3
9.) awesomey caramel-scenty. 5.2
[See below.]
10.) ehn. 4.3
11.) kinda Red, y'know. -
[NOTE: This was the big old jug of E&J someone brought with as a joke.]

--- end text ---
Note how short those last few notes are. Also, the vague attempts at being witty and urbane. I guess dressing like Hemingway isn't enough to cut the mustard at these wine tasting affairs. #9 would be the winner, but was disqualified for, technically, being a zimfandel. Agent Dieter didn't follow instructions. Speaking of which, I will try to use a more broad scale next time, I'm new to this wine business.