PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Postman *and* Waterworld

Took a few days away with Z. before the school year starts (next week!) Ended up challenging myself a couple ways.

The easier part was to try out horseback riding. Z. hadn't been before, so M.'s parents plotted this up for a while. Details will follow (and there's a couple pictures floating around I will eventually get on the flickr.) The horses were mostly patient and mostly well-behaved, and Z. had a grand ol' time.

Today was paddleboating. On an actual river. I am no fan of the water, but I've been trying to challenge myself more and more. Mentally, I know it's not likely to kill me. So, I made the decision to give it a go. Quite a workout, and I didn't drown, so, chalked up as a win.

Tomorrow, back to the working world. Another busy couple weeks, with Z. returning to school and a couple parties and family get-togethers. Zoom zoom.

Tags: 2012, bebe, not news

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