PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


Managed to sleep wrong the night before last, completely wrenching something on my upper spine. Feels like I was punched really hard right between the shoulder blades. Yesterday it hurt to even turn my neck a little. Somewhat better today, but man, still very ouchy. I even had Z. see if she could massage it to any degree. Sadly, no. Of course this has to happen while M. is out of town, heh.

Z. and I survived well on our own. She was helpful around the house, I only burned myself once making food, and we watched a pretty epic amount of cartoons. Single parenting is time consuming! I'm off work tomorrow, so hopefully will get some chores done and a little painting, back pain permitting. Magically plans both Friday and Saturday, which is nice. I should probably clean some of the minis out of the living room before M. get home, though. Heh.

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