PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, so I had a huge dream last night, and it's weird enough that I have a dream and remember it, much less a big one like this.

So, Kermit and I went to this larp (yes, it's a larp dream. Yes, it's lame, I know.) And the larp was HUGE. I mean, a couple hundred players. It seemed like there were maybe 40 regular players, and everyone else was playing Sabbat vampires, punks and gangers, the lot of them.

It was in some weird, uh, oversized school. There weren't classrooms or anything like that, but it was all very institutional-looking, but much, much larger.

And *everyone* had *awesome* costuming. Like to the point you couldn't tell they were costumes anymore.

Sign-in was in this room with like six folding tables, each one with an ST handing out characters to the ten or so people surrounding their table. I was kind of disappointed at first, I got some sort of St. Germaine [Troia, I blame you] character - apparently a mage of some repute, but the sheet didn't seem to back that up. I quickly lost Kermit in the crowd.

(And it appears I was macking with/making out with some gothy chick who was playing a vampire or something, and if I had to guess, was a conglomeration of a couple gothy chicks I had a crush on/dated before.)

So, game gets going, and since it's a dream, everyone does a great job and never breaks character, making it look more like a movie, with the creepy dark lighting and gothy costumes and special effects and all. And apparently everyone is scared of my character.

Lots of long poorly-lit hallways, furtive conversations, etc.

Eventually, I end up in the bathroom. Which is HUGE (like fifty stalls and vaulted ceilings, and full-wall windows, etc. No, I don't get why.) And each of the stalls is either awful (and no door) or has at least two people in there. And that's when I realize some of these people are killing each other, thusly meaning it isn't a larp anymore. And there's blood *everywhere*, like walls painted in it, and the lights are all blue and everything.

So some girl vampire person with white skin makes me mad, so I say I'm not going to kill her. (Apparently, this was a punishment.)

So I start going around the room, which is now like fifty feet wide, and touching people. Apparently I have an invisible symbol on my hand, that I can see, and I can touch people with it. And then they get an invisible symbol on them, which I *think* kills them all at the same time when I trigger it. But no one seems upset by this, and now they're all friendly (but still *drenched* in blood) and saying goodbye to me, hugging each other, etc. Including me saying goodbye to some guy in a great Solomon Grundy costume.

And then I see the girl I'm not going to kill, and then something is about to happen, and then I wake up.

So, what's the moral of this dream?

1.) I'm a big old dork, as I not only had a dream about a larp, but it involved a comic book character as well.
2.) I miss gaming in general, larping in specific. And apparently there's some nostalgia for the old weekend games, as I used to hit those with Kermit, which got the whole larping ball of wax rolling.

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