PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

India, the infrastructure, and Steve Coogan

* Today's chart: what happens if your state opts out of Medicaid?
* Oh hey. One of the largest 'gay conversion' ministries openly admits, no, you can't make someone un-gay through the power of prayer.
* The northeast's blackouts point to a need to invest in our infrastructure in the next decade.
* Will India be able to step up as a global power?
* Kuwait faces a turning point.
* Talking with a death row inmate in Texas.
* How do you photograph a story that hasn't happened yet?
* "That's the thing. Mitt Romney is a bad candidate entirely on his own merits. He doesn't need any help."
* What's better than an upcoming Steve Coogan-Michael Winterbottom biopic movie about a British porn magnate? A second movie on the same subject, starring the dude who played Loki.

Tags: 2012, easy sell, movies, news, welcome to america

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