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all the trailers

New trailers before Brave:
* ParaNorman - Still looks good. Fingers crossed.
* Hotel Transylvania - Only mildly interested, until I found out it was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, who has done some quality TV before.
* Katy Perry: Part of Me - I am so not the target audience here.
* Despicable Me 2 - Still just teasers. Will depend on the plot, of course.
* Wreck-It Ralph - Ooh, this was a surprise, but could be a hit. Also, first Disney cartoon fully made while they owned Pixar, so it'll be interesting to see what rubbed off.
* The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - looks very keen, and just seeing the finished trailer reminds me of seeing the first bits of the first movies. Can't wait.
* Monsters University - Yes.

New trailers before Prometheus:
* Ruby Sparks - Ehn.
* Anna Karenina - Screenplay by Tom Stoppard, directed by the guy who did Hanna and with a style that looks influenced by Baz Luhrmann. So, strong maybe.
* Flight - Ehn.
* Savages - This really could go either way. Stylish, but I want to hear that there's more to it.
* Premium Rush - Bike messenger thriller! No, they're serious. Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserves better.
* The Watch - I am always in for more Richard Ayoade.

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