PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Aum Shinrikyo, the DREAM Act, and virtual economies

* Nice! Obama signs executive order to stop deporting young illegal immigrants with clean records.
* "A great nation would not delude itself into believing that it can kill its way to security."
* Bad news: the Chinese economy slows, sending tremors around the world.
* Follow-up: last suspect wanted for the Aum Shinrikyo attacks in Tokyo captured.
* Meet the evangelical talk show host spearheading the movement to push Romney to the right.
* Is it really a war on the younger generation?
* The NRA is offering 'stand your ground' insurance, you know, to help with legal fees if you shoot someone.
* Cyberpunk now: Valve hires an actual economist to manage its virtual economies.

Tags: 2012, gaming, news, not right, welcome to america

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