PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Because John Ashcroft touts the Patriot Act around the country does not mean John Ashcroft is a patriot. That American flag over there belongs to every American - not only to John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson."
-Howard Dean, speaking at the Arab American Institute (courtesy Lemon Russ)

Howard Kurtz examines why people hate Bush so much.

* Man, who could have forseen all these problems in Iraq? Er, other than the State Department. Last April.
* US war atrocities in Vietnam come to light.
* Campaign finance reform takes another blow as Democrats consider dropping public funding and spending caps, to keep up with Bush doing the same.
* Asian nations turn to China to help restore regional power.
* The mayor of Philadelphia is still under attack by the FBI, it seems.
* Progressive Arab thinkers detail how far behind the Arab world has fallen.
* Howard Kurtz on a new book attacking the liberal bend in certain media, and other stories.
* Professor and author teaches on hip-hop and cultural images of blacks.
* Consequences expected from Montreal punk riot.
* The Democratic three-way split over Iraq.

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