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Riddle me this...

The Issue: I've been bit by the bug to run a game or something. Been mulling over it for a while now, and despite being stressed and busy, I think this would be a good release for me. So I have decided it is time to come out of retirement and run something.

The Conundrum: I cannot decide between running a larp for a whole bunch of people, or running a table-top game instead. Both sides have positives and negatives, which I will explicate here. Please, give me your advice, as I have been hemming and hawing for too long.


1.) Numbers
Advantage: Larp
There's a lot of people I would love to have in one of my games, and a lot of friends with whom I would like to game. And there's a handful of people who have run games for me in the past couple years, and I want to return the favor.
Even if I run two table-top games concurrently (which I am considering) I can fit considerably more people into a larp. I was originally aiming at a larp for 20-25 people, but to make it financially viable, I believe I would have to go to 30-35 people, and charge admission (for the site fees.) For a table-top game, I don't like running for more than five people in a group. So, maximum of ten, *if* I do two groups at the same time (like one Monday, one Sunday, with the same or similar stories.)

2.) Money
Advantage: Table-Top
I realize it's a self-imposed limit, but I do not want to run a large game at someone's house, or at school. I feel setting is very important in larp, and even with design work, I won't be able to get a 'different' enough setting out of either. After calling ten places, the only site I could find for rental for five or six hours would be a significant financial outlay, charging admission to the players along the lines of $15-20. Table-top, I buy some Mountain Dew and Cheetos.

3.) Time
Advantage: Table-Top
Either option will require a lot of background writing and storyteller 'work' (a broad and undefined category.) However, writing characters and plots for 35 people in a larp is a lot harder than the world background for a table-top. Even using an established setting, which would of course be edited to suit my tastes. Web pages need making for both, and while the larp system I have in mind is simple, it would require writing up as well. Table-top takes some of the pressure of the ST to explain all the rules.

So that's where I am leaning, but I want more input. The numbers thing is a big deal, but maybe I should not aim so high at first? What am I forgetting? Please comment below, and be prepared to defend your thesis... in mortal kombat.

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