PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

How boring is my weekend where I am teh sick? Here's my television report.

Yeah. Was hoping to make it out to hang out with folk tonight, but no dice. I would cough my way through any movie, and generally infect people otherwise. Though, hey, this means tomorrow night is open, if that sounds like fun to anyone! Lemme know.

(On a side note, this sick has also put me well behind in the Blood Bowl campaign at DW, and at this point is threatening the NYC trip this coming weekend. Fooey.)

Anyways, television!

Just watched the Bengals defeat the Ravens. I mean, it's my two favorite teams, so I win either way. But there's a visceral thrill behind seeing the Bengals (best helmets in the NFL!) defeat *anyone*.

Friday was a very special Stargate SG-1 with special stock character guest star Michael Rooker!

And X-Men: Evolution acquitted itself very well with Apocalypse. Interesting choices for his Horsemen, though. And are Magneto and Mystique competing for who can have their powers boosted the most often?

Saturday, I remembered to tape Duck Dodgers. Why, you might ask? Well, I can't imagine there will be a second time in my life I will get to see Daffy Duck as the Green Lantern taking on Sinestro! Plus, *plenty* of guest GLs as well (Kilowog! Tomar Re! GUY GARDNER!) even if just in the background.

And Justice League. Oh, my.
Dear Justice League writers,
There is a point where lesbian overtones crossed the line of being an 'overtone.' Please see this past week's episode, "Maid of Honor," for more information. I mean, I know it's hard to resist in a good Wonder Woman storyline, but, man, that was like Xena-worthy.
Love, me.

And a good episode to boot! And crazy guest voices!

Wonder Woman: I'm not sure I believe you, Mr. Savage.
Vandal Savage: I'm not sure I care.

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