PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Global leadership, inducing pain, and fracking

* "50 years Of government spending, in one graph."
* Conversations we shouldn't be having: deciding how much pain the police are allowed to inflict, including on pregnant women.
* To no one's surprise, yes, we are backing the Syrian rebels.
* 'New world disorder': as the G-8 tumbles, who will step in to fill the vacuum in global leadership?
* Saudi Arabia seeks stronger ties with other monarchies in the region.
* Chancellor Merkel brings Germany back to center stage.
* Studying the health histories of the locals to find answers on fracking.
* Virginia continues to stride backwards by rejecting a judicial nominee because, you know, gay.
* Follow-up: Americans Elect fails to come up with a third-party candidate.

Tags: 2012, news, not right, welcome to america

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