PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: The Avengers

This is how you kick off a summer movie season. The Avengers is ambitious, and it's hard to see now, but a daunting and risky proposition. Whedon doesn't have a great track record with the movies, and Disney dumped a lot of money on an epic superhero team-up movie. But as has been noted by the rest of the internet, they really knocked it out of the ballpark. Not the best superhero flick of all time, but easily one of the top five, they balance a big cast and widescreen action with well-drawn characters, a good plot, excellent fight scenes, and a thorough and detailed world with lots of room to expand. As the only new headliner stepping in to the role, Mark Ruffalo really does a great Banner and Hulk, and completely holds his own in that company. And, man, the guy who plays Loki. Bang-up stuff. Head to the theaters this week or next, if you haven't yet. And stick around until after the credits. All the credits.

(Amusing detail: we went for the first show on Monday morning, and there was over seventy-five people there. Which is crazy.)

New trailers:
* The Expendables 2 - Did not like the first one, will be skipping this one.
* The Dark Knight Rises - Yes. Oh, yes.
* The Amazing Spider-Man - Maybe? New trailer is slightly better, but, we've seen this before.
* Frankenweenie - Ooh. Looks like more classic Burton. Should be fun.
* Brave - Can't wait.

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