PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Nanotargeting, leaving Afghanistan, and ladyparts

* Nice. ALEC to shut down task force that wrote model bills, like 'Stand Your Ground.'
* Ugh. An investigate report by the Justice Department into flawed forensics in criminal cases was totally covered up.
* How should we write the history of the war in Afghanistan?
* "The ten scariest places to have ladyparts in America."
* Crunching the numbers: moving nanotargeting from advertising to politics. (Good read! Fun charts, too. Explains why Romney needs to advertise to Coors Lite drinkers, instead of Golf Channel watchers.)
* How Saturday Night Live will target Romney.
* The fight over food that lead to the Magna Carta.
* 4thletter takes on 'the nigger speech' in crime movies.

Tags: 2012, easy sell, movies, news, tv, welcome to america

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