PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Kirby, the NRA, and the vision thing

* Corporations have moved from producers to predators.
* The NRA is expanding from just gun rights to advocating other conservative causes.
* More bizarre news from China.
* Nice giant infographic on what's wrong with the TSA. (I don't necessarily agree private security would do a better job.)
* "Every candidate endorsed by God has now lost to Mitt Romney."
* Does Romney lack the 'vision thing'?
* presents how not to suck at public transportation.
* Legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby, as remembered by his son. (Courtesy 4thletter.)
* Catching up with the networks: which TV shows have been renewed, and which have been cancelled, so far?

Tags: 2012, comic books, defend your thesis, news, tv

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