PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This week, on Angel...

* Picnic to hide from Wolfram & Hart, nice. And damn, is Gunn right or are they? (Answer: yes.)
* Hey their werewolf makeup has gotten better. Alternately, they just film this show better, and know how to cover this stuff up through clever direction. (The real answer is a combination of both.)
* "So, what, you're like a frankenstein?" Hee hee.
* Lorne's pep talk with Angel - classic Lorne. This theme will continue.
* Yay Jessie's Girl!
* Nevermind, Wesley referred to the Initiative, it can't be them.
* Man, why is this episode so good? Oooh, less Spike! Plus, when he's there, he's not talking as much!
* But what's missing? Oh, Harmony. Ah well.
* "Well, no offense, but he's scarier than you."
* "I'm all up in the law now, but damn it feels good to get my violence on!" -Gunn. (Damnit, no panther powers. Yet.)
* You know, if they don't watch out, this whole quest to fix Spike, plus all the work pressure, might actually turn Fred into a real character. Alternately, not, but it's possible.
* Oh, and the werewolf girl is pretty bland, I would be fine if she doesn't come back.

And the family theme brought round again, and that's why this episode was so good. Less Spike, yes, but more importantly, everyone in the MoG had more than just some token lines, and interacting with each other more. Ham-tastic.

Quote of the night: "OK, Atlas, how about a shrug." -Lorne
Tags: tv

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