PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Game of Thrones...

OK, what did we learn in Sunday's episode "The Night Lands"?

* When sexing up the crazy priestess chick on your giant map of the world, take the minis off the table first, or else they're all going to get knocked over.
* Ask a girl's name before you feel her up, in cast it's your long-lost sister. (a.k.a. the Luke Skywalker corollary.)
* The rest of the day at work, I will be asking customers "now, did you pay the gold price... or the iron price?"
* Hey, a black guy! (He seems pretty cool, like Lando cool, so I won't point out the first black person in the show is a criminal.)
* Every episode should include about thirty minutes of Tyrion and Varys threatening each other.
* Samwell is going to get everyone around him killed, and will likely survive himself. Ferchrissakes.

In case you missed it, they've renewed the show for season three, all of two episodes into the second season. Kaching.

And, I am considering reading the first book now. Sigh.

Tags: not news, tv

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