PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

this and that

So my sunburned forehead has been peeling, which I know is part of the process and everything, but, ew.

Been a decently quiet week. Mostly spent taking care of M., who has had a busy week at work, in addition to the recovering from the ick. Tuesday was our other anniversary, from our first date, and wow, that's seven years? Yay us.

Have started assembling the new toys I picked up at the con last week. Hopefully will get them based and primed post haste, so I can make with the painting.

Theoretically, party Saturday, but dependent on M.'s health. Busy few weeks ahead, with Easter, spring break, older sister's birthday and the like. Feels like there's a bit of marking time, but again, can't really complain. Unless I end up mowing the lawn this weekend. In which case, complaints ahoy!

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