PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Z.'s parade report

Sunday, my parents drove me downtown for Z.'s St. Patrick's Day parade. In addition to dance club at school, she's been attending an Irish dance class, and was very excited about getting to be in the parade.

We situated ourselves about halfway through the parade route, so we could get to the end without much issue. Now, if only we had been smart enough to park on that end as well, we would have been golden. Instead, we got a nice hike back to the car after an exhausting walk. Good times.

(Fun fact: big parades downtown take hours. Also, bring sunscreen. My forehead is just starting to recover.)

Lots of various groups. The collectives of people with expensive cars, highly uninteresting. The Irish wolfhounds? Very excellent. More than a dozen of them, none of them small. Shriners with fezzes and tiny cars? Very popular. My dad was amused by the one broken-down Shrinermobile getting towed. Tragically, not by a tiny tow truck.

All three or so of the Central/South American dance groups were excellent. High energy, vibrant costumes, lively music. And as noted everywhere, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

(I was also completely unaware of the fact that there was so many Irish dancing clubs/schools in the area, some of them quite large.)

After hours, the Duffy school comes up on the horizon.

And when the instructor hears a horde of people calling out her name, she of course pulls Z. out from the group to do a quick solo. Clever gimmick! Great for everyone involved.

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