PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A Martian dust devil, hate groups, and non-costumed heroines

* "The number of domestic hate and extremist groups in the United States grew to record levels in 2011, led by a surge in anti-government radicalism."
* The 'lost decade' for young workers may have repercussions in the future.
* Ugh: inside the NYPD anti-Muslim spy ring.
* The latest on the birth control debate from, uh, 73 years ago. Hint: it's going to sound familiar.
* Magnificent pic of a dust devil on Mars.
* Tricking your appetite with optical illusions.
* 'Ten non-costumed, non-powered female heroines'
* Nice! Pendleton Ward on how he will keep Adventure Time weird.

Tags: 2012, food, news, pics, science!, tv, two-fisted tales, welcome to america

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