PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

cruising along

M. is still recovering. I mean, she's definitely improved, but the story of the week has been that she's not at 100%, so I am doing my best to keep her comfortable.

Z. got her report card. As before, she's acing the academics, doing OK with the work-habits stuff. Room for improvement, but she's nine, so I only expect so much. Homework is actually turning into work for her now, so time to start building those good habits I never quite learned, heh.

Not much else going on? I've turned all kinds of boring. Sneaking out this Saturday to hit a gaming convention in lovely downtown Lancaster, PA. Just a day trip up to check it out, scour the dealers' room, etc. Having been to the city before for another con, I know there's not much else to do up there, but should be a fun trip nonetheless.

And Z. is taking part in some St. Patty's Day parade on Sunday, with her dance club-group. Logistics are proving... thorny, but she was excited by the prospect, so here we are.

Tags: bebe, gaming, not news

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