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Hello, cyberware.

* Israel crossed a line with its bombing of Syria last week. But I guess that wasn't enough bad press, so they leveled a refugee camp and left over a thousand Palestinians homeless.
* Commentary: Is our military overstretched? (More articles from the Post, of the military eye on Iraq.)
* Arafat's new premier *already* close to resigning.
* The NRA keeps a list of "unfriendlies," and there's some surprises.
* "No Child Left Behind" may be a liability to Bush.
* Lieberman who?
* Howard Kurtz asks if it is fair to attack Rush Limbaugh, and mentions why Republicans are working for Howard Dean.
* But, who pays for the digital movie projector revolution?
* New rules force Oscar-campaigners to change tactics.
* Lucy Liu, butt-kicking actress.
* Straight Dope takes on the science of Ecstasy.

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