PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fighting over contraception and boxing in Romney

* What you need to know about the contraception compromise. And here's your (excellent) follow-up.
* "The weakening of nations: how tax work-arounds undermine our society."
* New, more specific travel warnings for Americans heading to Mexico.
* Andrew Cohen on the future of the fight over Proposition 8.
* Jonathan Chait on the Republican gauntlet boxing in Romney.
* Brilliant. 109 things that the right-wing media has accused Obama of 'declaring war on.'
* While at the Republican CPAC forum, the gays are no-go, but white supremacists are just fine.
* "Bear McCreary reveals the physics behind your favorite science fiction theme tunes."

Tags: 2012, movies, news, tv, two-fisted tales, welcome to america

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