PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Anonymous, American Crossroads, and diplomacy

* Good read: the behind-the-scenes diplomatic war against Syria.
* Another good read: Anonymous has become a surprising global actor.
* Sigh. Republicans quietly make changes in the budgeting process.
* The American Crossroads superPAC is anything but subtle.
* "In Russia, punk-rock riot girls rage against Putin."
* The fallout of Alabama's anti-illegal immigrant legislation.
* I know the religious hypocrisy of the right isn't news, but it does help to see it spelled out from time to time.
* Egads. Massive whale shark caught off the coast of Pakistan.
* "In 1995, New Mexico voted on a bill requiring psychologists to dress as wizards."

Tags: 2012, easy sell, news, science!, welcome to america

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