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Reviews galore...

[Side note: tomorrow is Book Club, so those of you who have mentioned wanting to tag along at some point, now would be a good time to let me know if you want to tag along tomorrow night. -P.]

I know no one else watches these, but: Teen Titans second part of "Apprentice" was relatively keen. They spent the right amount of time building up Slade, so when the fight came down to him and Robin, it was keen. Robin needs to keep the other outfit, though. And Justice League did an *awesome* version of Dr. Destiny, though I wish they had changed the outfit to something less... lame?

Finally watched Down With Love too. It was cute, but not all that. I guess my hopes were too high, considering it was the people who did Bring It On. But, clever in parts, and terribly retro, so worth watching on cable.

And while I'm here and talking movies, here's yet another pic of The Punisher, giving me still more hope for the new film version.

Before today's movie (reviewed in my next post) we saw the trailer for The Alamo which really needs "sponsored by George W. Bush and the Republican Party of Texas" written in big letters at the end. But hey, Marc Blucas and Jason Patric, way to find more rent money.

Oh, and a new longer trailer for Return of the King. And the long Matrix Revolutions trailer. And, aw yeah.

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