PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: Chronicle

Chronicle is an excellent action flick, highly worth watching. Another great comic book movie that's, you know, not actually based on a comic book. It's quite specifically not a big-budget Hollywood spectacle, but they do some pretty clever stuff within their framework. And while we've visited these themes before, I felt this movie carried it through well with some quality acting and great writing. Check it out.

New trailers:
* Silent House - Ehn. Generic-looking shock horror.
* Project X - Looks like their aiming for the reality TV fans, I think? Not sure what it's about. Kid throws massive house party. Maybe a comedy? Ehn.
* The Three Stooges - Highly, highly unnecessary.
* Prometheus - Oh, oh yes. Cannot wait.

Tags: comic books, movies, not news
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