PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Foreign aid, del Toro, and the American decline

* Again, Obama's real strength may turn out to be his subtle foreign policy.
* "Whether or not the U.S. is declining is the wrong question."
* 'Dispelling myths about foreign aid.'
* "Romney and Gingrich aren't talking about unemployment for a reason: Because they don't have any solutions."
* Twitter announces it can now block content by country. This will never be used for good.
* "The action in my Cold and Flu Fantasy League is really heating up."
* Good read: why you should care about science.
* "10 writing 'rules' we wish more science fiction and fantasy authors would break."
* I had no idea Guillermo del Toro worked on Puss in Boots.

Tags: defend your thesis, movies, news, science!

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