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So, yes Before lunchtime today, someone in the office made a joke about the FBI agents in the lobby of our building. Then, it turned out that wasn't a joke. There was a bunch of FBI agents in our lobby. My suspicion was something was happening at one of the fancy hotels across the street. I mean, it is Georgetown, after all. But no.

One of them came upstairs, let us know that they would like us to stay in our room while they briefed the people on the other floors. And then they would brief us. We had a couple agents posted outside the door to our room. After, like, an hour, someone came to talk to us, and explained they were executing a search warrant on one of our customers, and if any of us dealt with said customer, they would like to speak to us. Our managers went to explain to them what we do and why we really couldn't help them, but we're happy to assist, etc.

The nice agents escort our manager to pick up our delivery lunch. Another agents escorts me downstairs to get coffee. They're very genial and joking the whole time. I pointed out how rundown the building is, she joked about their boss coffee machine at their office.

The rest of the afternoon is weird, what with the agents all over the place, but otherwise normal. I got an escort out of the building, and chatted for a minute with the local news reporter setting up a camera across from our building, gave them the number to call to get someone from our company to say 'no comment.' So weird.

Speaking of:
* "Popular file-sharing site shut down; founder, others indicted on piracy charges"
* BBC: "Megaupload file-sharing site shut down"
* "Before shutdown, Megaupload ate up more corporate bandwidth than Dropbox"

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