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Z.'s birthday festivities went rather well. And lord, that girl has more stuffed animals than, uh, a Teddy Roosevelt museum gift shop? Sorry, I didn't come up with a second half there. Nonetheless, she is well spoiled. The stuffed Android was probably the biggest hit. It's obtusely large.

Next Monday, hitting book club for the first time since forever. To keep true to form, I didn't (re-)read the book, although I will try to get some of that done this weekend, time permitting. Will be great seeing that crowd, at any rate.

M. is heading out of town next week, leaving me with run of the house for a bit. Will try to take the time to catch up on some painting as opposed to, you know, just playing a bunch of Team Fortress.

And there's a vague plan in the work for me to take a couple days visiting someone cool in NYC. Fingers crossed that pans out too, it's been too long. And of course it's in winter, because these days I seem to be much more cold-sensitive than I was when I was a young lad.

Tags: 2012, bebe, not news

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