PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This just in: King of Norway declined to samba. (Courtesy Callico.)

Tonight, Frontline takes on Bush's march to war.

* Harvard professor notes what's missing from the administration's reports on the deficit, and how things are even worse than they seem.
* Mass media marketing vs. privacy, the new battleground.
* Philly mayor's office, bugged by the FBI. I'm not saying "Watergate." Yet.
* Science panel wants review of research that could benefit terrorists.
* China ready for manned space flight.
* Howard Kurtz, on the day after the CA recall.
* Maureen Dowd looks at infighting in the White House.
* Thomas Friedman, on the need for working with the Axis of Evil.
* The Clark candidacy takes an unusual approach.
* Followup: Texas redistricting almost complete.
* The Pentagon wants more robots!
* Non-smokers want more vacation!
* Disney/Pixar talks continue.
* Ticket scalping online. Sometimes, legally.
* Video game soundtracks picking up the pace.

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