PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Congrats Florida and Minnesota, you're no longer the dorkiest states in the Union. While I'm on the subject, the people that brought you the website about the Iraqi information minister now bring you

And the fine folks at bring us this picture from The Punisher. Looking sharp, if I do say so myself.

I give up. Anyone have the URL for the Japanese website with the cat hats? (With the frog hat and the duck hat, etc.)

So last night over dinner, RQ and I were discussing the new crop of larps, and I got on how I missed gaming, and running games, and before I knew it, we were discussing larp ideas. For running. Every time I try to get out, it keeps pulling me back in. More info on this later, I am sure. (Fall appears to be my 'gaming season,' at least emotionally, as it was last year around this time when the Aberrant tabletop was running out of whatever steam it gathered.)

* OK, federal appeals court says that the Do Not Call list *can* be enforced.
* The French review their shorter work week. (Courtesy Operative X.)
* New college rankings, thanks to the Atlantic Monthly.
* Whoah. NBC may merge with Universal.
* The end of an era in Vegas?

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