PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

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Annoying cough (diagnosed as post-infection congestion) finally down to only lingering, as opposed to 'hurting my lungs by the end of the day.' Very ready to be healthy again.

No real gaming in the cards for the past couple weeks. So been playing the heck out of TF2. Conveniently, they've been doing their annual Xmas event, and oh man.

Strange snippet of a dream half-remembered this morning. Involved a certain taller former paramour getting me money for video games at an arcade. No ideas there.

Tonight, the rest of packing and getting the house sorted out. Tomorrow after work, heading down to southern MD. We're there until Tuesday, so limited internet and time, etc. Catching up with my family on Xmas proper.

Tags: 2011, dreams, gaming, not news

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