PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Russian revolt, cartel communications, amnd Judy Blume

* Massive post-election protests in Russia (which I bet are part of the reason behind the recent DDoS attacks on Livejournal.)
* By the numbers: the failure of the Republican trickle-down economics.
* Wow. Mexico goes after the cartels' secret telecommunications network.
* Good read: examining Obama's recent political zig-zags.
* After cracking down on illegal immigrants, and despite record unemployment, Alabama is facing a shortage of workers to work its farms.
* Why universities are buying up .xxx website names.
* "Why President Gingrich would fail at every reform he attempted." Also, why a Gingrich-Obama confrontation would be a good thing.
* NPR talks with famed author Judy Blume on her decades of writing books for young adults.
* Big ups: an artist draws the big names at NPR based on how he hears their voices.

Tags: 2011, defend your thesis, easy sell, news

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