PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On this day in 1849, author Edgar Allan Poe died in Baltimore. Also, in 1985, Palestinian gunmen hijacked the "Achille Lauro."

Back with a vengeance, it's ...

* Arabs fear outbreak of third major conflict in the Mideast. And Bush's approval of the Israeli attack only makes things worse.
* Meanwhile, there's progress in the writing of the Iraqi constitution.
* Supreme Court lets ruling stand to force convicted murdered to take drugs
necessary to make them sane enough to be executed. In related news, new concerns about lethal injection, and how it might be worse than it appears.
* Disease outbreak traces to parents' refusal to vaccinate their kids.
* Good read: questions on the rights of foreigners in America.
* Unraveling tough questions on AIDS in Africa.
* Paul Krugman on fallacies about labor on the right.
* NYC firefighters turn to Scientology.
* Great minds think alike: dude, check yer tat.Story one (courtesy Magistrate) or story two (courtesy Callico.) [bonus material: note the sources, and the stylistic differences.]
* What a big fat orange mouse is teaching scientists.
* Saturn's moon of liquid intrigue.
* Hard choices in continuing a TV show after the star's death.
* Tarantino's quest.
* New fantasy book by a teenager on the best-sellers list.

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