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"Israel has now occupied the West Bank for 44 years. At some point - and we are approaching that point, if we have not already passed it - you are not a temporarily occupying power; you are the government. And the corollary of you are the government is that those people are citizens. In a democracy, that means that those people can vote - and for Israel, that is the end of its identity as a Jewish state. Or that you don't let those people vote - and for Israel, that is the end of its identity as a democracy, and the beginning of its identity as an ethnic autocracy in which a minority runs things for the benefit of their group.

"Or, as Jimmy Carter put it, apartheid. I think this was rather incendiary and premature - but twenty years from now? When virtually every Israeli and Palestinian alive will have been born while Israel controlled the West Bank? If Israel doesn't give the territory back, or allow the Palestinians to vote, in the near future it will be forced to admit (tacitly or otherwise) that it plans a separate but unequal state in which a minority, and eventually a majority, of the people living within the territory are economically and politically marginalized.

"The question to which I have never gotten a satisfactory answer is, 'In what way does this end well?'"

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