PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Two speeches, the Mariana Trench, and 3D movies

* Two great speeches: President Obama speaks out against income inequality and deriding supply-side economic theory. And Secretary Clinton talks at the UN about about defending LGBT rights worldwide.
* Huh. Unrest grows in post-election Russia.
* Yes, a Eurozone economic collapse would be bad news for America.
* Philadelphia prosecutors drop their case for the death penalty for Mumia Abu-Jamal.
* Ted Rall on the bank bailouts that no one mentioned.
* Scientists re-map the Mariana Trench in greater detail than ever before.
* Rock on. Underworld to do the music for the 2012 Olympics.
* Herman Cain finally admits that, yes, he quoted the Pokemon movie.
* A topic I've gone over with people before: "Is 3D getting better, and what does it add to the movie watching experience?"

Tags: 2011, clubbing, easy sell, movies, news, quotes, science!
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