PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Congrats to Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, on the birth of their son, who will one day freak out a whole new generation of filmgoers.

Man, no news posts all week, I am slipping. Also, busy.

Tonight, Comedy Central, 11 PM (EST), Daily Show live coverage of the California recall results.

(Which I probably won't see most of, since tonight is Lost in Translation, hopefully.)

Marvel fans, Magistrate found not only this awesome thing which I will only label 'available for bar mitzvahs,' he also located this great resource for teams (from the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe.)


And, thanks to the diligent efforts of some friends, there's new digital pics of me online:

Agent Dieter got these from the wedding a few weeks back. First, me sneaking into the shot. One of RQ and myself, taking pics of tze bebe. Oh, and here's that pic of tze bebe.

And Fermat took some at RenFest this past Sunday. First, as I am being attacked by a certain someone. A better shot of my jersey. And finally, again, me sneaking into an otherwise wonderful shot.

Shout out to my camera-crazy peeps!


Hmmm, what else. PuzzlePirates, let me brag how my crew bought one of the new islands, Cranberry Island in the Ruby Archipelago. *And* I was named an officer.

Thursday, hitting the club for Kermit's birthday.

More later.
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