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"The Defense Department's Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office (CNTPO) just closed its latest request for proposals, and some of the world's top private security contractors are in the running to win a vaguely worded contract for 'training services support.' On Tuesday Wired's Spencer Ackerman reported that the 'obscure Pentagon office designed to curb the flow of illegal drugs has quietly evolved into a one-stop shop for private security contractors around the world, soliciting deals worth over $3 billion.' While not very well known even within the Defense Department — it doesn't even have an office in the Pentagon — the CNTPO is supposed to be providing support on the front lines of Mexico's drug cartel wars, as well as a number of other objectives around the world. However, some military experts are growing concerned that the mercenaries winning lucrative contracts are overstepping their bounds, especially at a time when budgets are tight."

Tags: 2011, news, welcome to america

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