PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dino diets, the Limbaugh vote, and Coolidge

* Oh hey. 'Statistics don't back up claims of rampant drug cartel-related crime along border.'
* "One in five children are at risk of hunger. For children in African-American or Latino households, it's closer to one in three."
* Michael Scherer recaps last night's Republican debate.
* Joe Klein wonders where the Limbaugh vote goes. (Slanted, but good read.)
* Why are Republicans so hot for Coolidge?
* Nifty! Evidence that, yes, dinosaurs ate birds.
* How did the NBA get this bad?
* What the internet was built for: classic album covers reimagined with kittens.

Tags: 2011, easy sell, news, science!, welcome to america

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