PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

a little catching up

* This is one part of the problem: "one year of prison costs more than one year at Princeton."
* Great read: BAGnewsNotes on the visual culture of the 'war on terror.'
* Despite it being one of my favorite topics, I am avoiding the transcripts of the Republican debate on foreign policy.
* Can't use the sidewalk? Equal rights under attack for women in Israel.
* Eugene Robinsn wonders if Republican candidates can win over voters.
* And what is a technocrat, anyways?
* "For the first time, astronomers have discovered clouds of pristine gas in the distant universe about 12 billion light-years away. The finding offers a peek at what primordial gas looked like just a few minutes after the big bang, before heavier elements formed."
* Examining the huge success of NCIS.

Tags: 2011, news, science!, tv, welcome to america

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