PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Occupy protests, the Arab League, and a fake reality show

* A great summary of the Occupy movement written in the style of Cookie Monster. Seriously.
* New world order: the European debt crisis is threatening the nascent American recovery.
* The Arab League sanctions Syria for targeting its own citizens. Marc Lynch explains why this is a big deal.
* Ugh. Secretary Panetta orders review of Dover Air Force base's mishandling of remains.
* Ten good questions for the Republican candidates.
* James Fallows notes that the debates matter for the unscripted moments of insight. Good read.
* David Weigel's eulogy for the demise of Perry's campaign.
* Universal to buy EMI. Also, payola is alive and well in the Latin music scene.
* Story made for Hollywood: Turkish military police rescue women from fake reality show.

Tags: 2011, easy sell, news

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