PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The men who won the 2000 election by promising to restore honor and integrity to the White House spent yesterday doing a pretty good imitation of O. J. Simpson, looking for the culprit. You could just picture President Bush with his Sherlock Holmes deerstalker, magnifying glass and bloodhound Barney. Silly. The White House knows who did it."
-Maureen Dowd

* The public wants an independent probe of Wilsongate (poll data). Where's the logic behind the leak? (bonus points for the word 'suss.')
* Watching for war profiteering and cronyism in Iraqi reconstruction. The weapons-hunt teams need how much money for lawn sprinklers?
* Huh. China's leader mentions needing more democracy.
* Well, duh: Panel finds US diplomatic efforts to the Arab world inadequate.
* Biden asks us not to forget the crumbling situation in Afghanistan.
* Speaking of, the new Afghani constitution may not include equal rights protections.
* FBI probes Saudi fundamentalism within the US.
* Nicholas Kristof on the devastation of South Africa.
* Thomas Friedman wonders what Israel wants.
* How to solve the nuclear waste problem? Change the definition of 'nuclear waste.'
* Link between breast implants and suicide?
* Thank God I don't live in California.
* Restaurants to add DJs to their staff.
* I heard this Joss Stone chick on NPR, and she's good.

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