PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Peak oil, an Occupy arrest, and quantifying justice

* Andrew Cohen on the challenges of quantifying criminal justice.
* Kevin Drum on oil prices, the recession, and the specter of peak oil.
* "The Pentagon's process for awarding contracts in Afghanistan is bad for U.S. business, and bad for the rebuilding effort in that embattled country."
* Good read: Naomi Wolf's account of getting arrested at the Occupy protest.
* Nice! An old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon explains the Occupy protests. (Courtesy multiplexer.)
* Questions on foreign policy for the Republican candidates.
* And really, how did the Republican party come to this?
* Honestly, I don't think Rockville Pike needs a Wal-Mart.
* Nifty! Big prize for a revolutionary way to clean up oil spills.

Tags: 2011, news, pics, science!, welcome to america

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